Margaret Thatcher & The Supply Side (Vinyl)

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Margaret Thatcher & The Supply Side (Vinyl)

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Peppermint Daydream Records is proud to bring Margaret Thatcher & The Supply Side back to vinyl for its first-ever reissue. Remastered from a first-generation tape by the original engineer and co-producer, Doug Snyder, this superb musical statement has never sounded better! Original copies sell for $200-300 on collector web sites, so we don't expect this to sick around for long. Buy today!

Click here to listen to "Breaking into the Pentagon of Your Love"

Side A:
Breaking into the Pentagon of Your Love
Be Nice to Your President

Side B:
Part of You

Pressing Info
200 copies on blue splatter on white vinyl
300 copies on black vinyl

As with all PDR releases, we've sourced a superb, archive-grade high-density polyethylene inner sleeve for the vinyl to be inserted into. These sleeves -- unlike paper sleeves -- reject static buildup and dust, and will not scuff the record's surface.

Technical Credits
Remastered by Doug Snyder

Vinyl Color:
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